A Diablo style dungeon crawl and loot adventure on the tabletop – with a twist!

Dungeon Run is a brand new board game that offers dungeon exploration, loot grabbing, character leveling, and boss fights in the style of Diablo 3 that forces players to turn on one another. It is co-op and competitive combined into one very unique tabletop experience. Jeff, Dan, and Alex get their hands on the game and clobber each other, all in the name of review.

Join us tomorrow for the return of VS.!


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  1. MAN!!!… Jerry Trainor is into board games?! My like for this guys just improved more. BTW great review of the game. Hosting a board game night and might have to buy this one.

  2. Guys stop downvoting the TV show you guys are stupid! Godaddy is just a sponsor and even if TRS decides to drop the sponsor because of SOPA they probably have contract. Stop disliking the show idiots!

  3. Totally Rad Show is under the Revision 3 internet television banner. They get access to their sponsors through Revision 3. It is non-optional for the totally rad show to use godaddy as their sponsor. They can't just choose any sponsor they want. So just for the record, it is totally out of Mike, Jeff, Alex and Dan's hands that they have to advertise for godaddy. I recommend taking it up with Revision 3 directly by sending emails to them or just not watching their videos anymore

  4. @demiser21 Oh, there is a very good point in pointing out GD's involvement in SOPA. They may officially retract their active involvement but they basically helped create that law, if you haven't payed attention. SOPA has a paragraph that excepts GD hosted websites from the effects of the law. They have a very good reason to act like they didn't know what SOPA was in the public eye to hide their involvement.

  5. @RyanRightN0w yeah Godaddy's name was in the bill it's not like it was written after they pulled their support. Godaddy probably does hope the bill still passes but they are no longer going to do anything to help it pass in the future. Even if Godaddy were to cease existence it still would have ZERO affect on SOPA as of now. So again I say why shouldn't TRS take money from them.

  6. @RyanRightN0w Why should they turn down Godaddy's money when Godaddy's no longer working to pass SOPA. Turning them down wouldn't hurt Godaddy and hurting Godaddy will no longer have any affect in anything related to SOPA so what's the point.

  7. @redshift912 godaddy is no longer actively supporting sopa so there is no point to even waste your time with them on the issue. Further what do you think thumbs downing a video from people who basically just take money from godaddy accomplishes.

  8. @RyanRightN0w I know that stuff is there but they are no longer working to help the bill be passed. What would you have them do now? At the moment most people criticizing Godaddy are probably not doing any more to stop SOPA than they are, and directing the fight at Godaddy is a big waste of time for no result. Especially on a video that has no connection other than reading an add.

  9. @2nd3rd1st wow you sure are judgmental, and you having a problem with him wearing a hat inside makes you sound like an even bigger pretentious douche bag.


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