Creating Withered Animatronics in Roblox Animatronic World

Creating Withered Animatronics in Roblox Animatronic World

In this episode we create our own new withered animatronics in roblox animatronic world!


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  1. Uuh

  2. Aren't you the voice of Funtime Freddy

  3. but can you be ibon bon withered roblox aniimbtonic word

  4. Squash

  5. All of them have that when you put the top hat on in oc factory

  6. when my roblox go on animatronic wold it get out so u r cheating

  7. Pls no minecraft

  8. hl

  9. 😭🤷

  10. I like your videos make more videos about this

  11. Make withered funtime foxy and withered funtime freddy im animatroic wourld

  12. Since he was at the stage trying to jump from the balloons dis someone see purple guy /The Man behind the slaughter

  13. Is he anaware of withered chica

  14. You can make weatherd lefty
    You cool

  15. I still play this game and today a weird glitch happened.

    So, while I finished an oc in the oc factory, I did my rp name. I pressed the enter for the rp name. AND I LIKE MORPHED WITH SOMEBODY ELSE! It was really weird, (we did get out of it somehow :P) but I later learned that they also pressed the enter for the rp name. So I guessed that it was just a glitch.

  16. Oh so lefty is a girl now?

  17. Lolbit is a dude but alot of people misgender him so thats ok if you didnt know

  18. i have been watching u for years

  19. Story time: i was in a server i made my O.C again as i always do since you can't save your O.C and a few hours in playing [ i play A.W for a long time ] then someone asked me to do a fnaf 4 match and they said i had to make my O.C nightmare so i did that then once i came back to the fnaf 4 house the match ended and i was like i did this for nothing


  20. You stole it

  21. This is from roblox gaming!

  22. Withered Bonnie is cool 😎

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