Classic Game Room HD reviews EMERGENCY! DISASTER RESCUE SQUAD for Nintendo DS handheld video game console. Published by Destineer (who also published Zombie BBQ), Emergency! is aimed at a younger market and rated 10+. Take control of fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, helicopters and rescue dogs in this real time strategy game meets disaster relief game. This CGRHD review of Emergency! Disaster Rescue Squad has Nintendo DS gameplay and footage recorded from the game. Firetrucks, hoses, fire extinguishers, chainsaws and car cutting tools are just some of the things that you command. Put out fires, pre-soak buildings, save people from auto accidents, protect refineries and more. This is a well made, entertaining game where you race against time to save lives in disaster relief situations! Classic Game Room HD reviews Nintendo DS games as a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing video games like Emergency Disaster Rescue Squad!


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  1. music and gameplay is emergency 4, graphics is emergency 2. it sucks i finished it in 4 days. the PC games were better.
    and DUDE u really have to step out oif your scifi 50's idea's

  2. This game looks cool but they should come out with a game call "riot" where u can be the police and beat people down let the k.9 do wat they to best bit people and lock up all the bad guys

  3. @masterjeezy
    I never said otherwise about the game company. The reason I used the term spin-off is it's not on the PC. If you're referring to my comparison of Police Quest: SWAT 2, then please note that I was simply comparing a single feature, not the game itself.

  4. It's fairly reminiscent to the Police Quest: SWAT 2 game. The most notable: Tell your people to shoot a suspect. One of your officers is in front of the other. He doesn't move, he takes the bullet in the back o.o

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  6. I wish there was a game where you play a UFO crash retrieval team that goes and recovers the wreckage and bodies and fights off aliens from the ground and air. It would be a great game after seeing this one!


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