The Binary Options Game is an easy and exciting way to get into the world of online trading and learn more about currencies, stocks, forex and binary options – while at the same time getting a chance to win $100,000!

The Binary Options Game is similar to the football TOTO game in which you have to predict whether the match will end up with a home win (1), a guest win (2) or a tie (X).

In our game all you need to do is predict the direction of each of the 15 assets. That means whether it will be higher, lower or the same at the closing date, than it is right now. If all your predictions are correct, you win $100,000.

The countdown timer displays the remaining time until the end of the submission period. This period ends only 24 hours prior to the results time.

Start by opening a FREE account by clicking on the “Free Signup” from the top menu. If you already have an account, please login.

The game contains 6 columns:

The first column “TRADE” contains the name of the currency pair or asset to trade.

The second column “RATE NOW” shows the current rate for the pair or asset.

Then you have the 1 (DOWN), X (WITHIN RANGE) and 2 (UP) buttons.

In between these 3 buttons, there are 3 rates.

The middle rate is the current one, also displayed in the “Rate Now” column. To the left, is the down, or 1, rate. To the right, is the up, or 2, rate.

If you think that the rate at the results time will go down and be less than the down rate, click on 1.

If you think that the rate at the results moment will go up and be more than the up rate, click on 2.

If you think that the rate will remain within the range of up and down rates then click X.

Once you click on a prediction, the row will be highlighted and the selection column will show your current prediction. You may change your selection or clear it by clicking on the reset icon on the right.

You may submit your predictions only after making all 15 selections. A counter at the top and at the bottom will show you the remaining selections.

Once you make all 15 selections, click on “Submit” to submit your predictions. If you haven’t registered or logged in before, you will be prompted to do so.

Once you submit your predictions, the game will be updated to show your results. You are allowed only one participation per game.

Keep visiting the site to participate in more games.

Getting $100,000 has never been this easy, has it?

Good Luck!


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