Following my reviews of the best launchers for Android smartphones, I’ve downloaded and played with your own favourite launchers and here’s my top five – all available from the Google Play apps store for free (although some have an optional pay-for Pro version).

We kick off with Hyperion, a Nova-style UI with deep customisation and a clean finish. If you’d rather have a very different experience to standard Android, check out Niagara instead. This cascading interface is unique and surprisingly efficient, and possibly my new favourite.

Also offering a fresh take is the Smart Launcher 5, which culls the standard apps tray for custom 4-way navigation. The smart search feature works well, although performance was mixed on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And if you’re into incredibly deep customisation, the Total Launcher 2019 will keep you busy for hours.

Last up in my round-up of the best new Android launchers as recommended by yourselves is Yandex, which isn’t too dissimilar to Hyperion. Again, it’s a fast, clean experience, with a user-friendly menu system.


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  1. Oh my god can someone help me.. on my huawei p30 i've set up nova launcher correctly and ive set it to default home, but im on the home screen on nova launcher and i press back, it goes to huawei home (disgusting) and i'ts driving me nuts! it's like theres some stupid setting somewhere im not seeing which is making it think its just a little app, but i dont want it to keep forcing default UI back.

  2. for people that were wondering what the launcher was for 3:26 , its called total launcher. it works for my galaxy j7 refine really well, so I would think it works with any recent phone. It is really amazing, I Highly suggest it! just in case someone has as bad as hearing as me 😉


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