While working as a reporter for the newspaper, Barbie visits a local museum and learns of an incredible secret! Barbie interviews
Professor Dudley, the museum’s history expert, who shows her a priceless ancient mirror he discovered as a young explorer.
But the mirror is not complete!

The professor, now an old man, tells Barbie that he was never able to find the mirror’s four missing jeweled treasures. He also tells her of a mysterious legend, which says that the mystical powers of the mirror will be unlocked when the jewels are put in their proper places.
When the professor reveals a secret treasure map to the locations of the jewels, Barbie, always ready for a challenge, offers to take up the quest for the missing pieces of the mystic mirror.

Can you guide Barbie on her worldwide adventure, and help her explore exotic lands, find the jeweled treasures, and unlock the secrets of the mystic mirror? A fantastic journey awaits!

Each level contains a number of traps, puzzles, and collectible items. You must solve the puzzles and avoid the traps. In order to complete the game, you must complete all the levels and recover the four treasures. You start the game with a number of Chances. The number depends on the level of difficulty you chose. An easy game will give you more Chances; a hard game will give you fewer. Each time you fall down a pit or are knocked over, you lose a Chance. The game ends when you have used all your Chances. You can earn extra Chances by collecting ten Mini-hearts or an extra Chance Power-up.

Published by Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing

Mattel, Inc. Girls Division

Senior Manager, Software Licensing: Patricia Masai
Manager, Software Licensing: Janice Newton
Director, Licensing: Mary Rafferty
Vice President, Girls Interactive Group: Christina DeRosa
Special Thanks: Jim Balthaser, Cathy A. Takemura, Lucy Chapman

Original PSX Platform:
Producer: Vance Huskins
Executive Producer: Patricia Masai
Concept and Design: Amy Boylan
Lead Tester: Tracey Smith

Developed by RuneCraft:
Based on the original PSX game:
Programming by: Scott Walsh
Produced by: Mick Waites
VP Marketing: Adele Callan
VP of Business Development: Darren Melbourne
Commercial Director: Andrew Wal
C.E.O.: Kevin Devine
Lead Programming by: Mike Richardson
Programming by: David Worsik
Lead artwork by: Derek Ham
Artwork by: Tyronne Bramley, Alan Tang, Kevin Hackett, Ken Lau
Designed by: Dave Lago
Lead Testing by: Tom Armstrong
Testing by: Steve Gamham, John Webb, Tim Wilson, Mick Barlow, Greg Blis, Wez Foster, Adrian Gray

Special Thanks:
Steven Caslin, Kevin Gillespie, Tina Palmer, Hillary Richardson, Jane Stroud, Andy Sutcliffe, Paul Tankard
QA Manager: Mark Hooley
VP Development: Dave Lee

Note: The controls of this game are terrible, hence the amount of mistakes I make. Also, even on the lowest difficulty the game is still tough. I wouldn’t recommend playing this game.

The music of this game:
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  1. I played this everytime I went to my cousin's house and could not remember the name! I kept googling and never found it until today. I am so glad I did. Feeling very nostalgic now. I want to play this again


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