Australium: The Team Fortress 2 Card Game Announcement (fan-made)

Australium: The Team Fortress 2 Card Game Announcement (fan-made)

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  1. I may consider making it digital if I get someone to do it and money to pay him/them (if needed). For now this should be enough

  2. Cool! Should I create one based off Counter Strike? Also I'm making a TF2 card game too! (Based off Arena mode)

  3. how do I launch the game?

  4. EPIC

  5. Hey you know back on the hat scout hats you said the el jefe is kinda ugly without a set and it doesn’t go that good with many but I think I found a set
    El jefe
    (Any misc/jacket)

  6. Reviewing every single halloween scout hat when ?

  7. This is awsome man 😀

  8. Omg YES

  9. Help! Scouter keeps me in his basement and makes me do all the cards

  10. Your voice is cute.

  11. Seems really interesting! I'll have to give it a try with my brother!

  12. Nice New video bro 😎

  13. NICE video

  14. The discord link doesn't work.

  15. *general interest* This would be kinda neat.

  16. the Problem is i have no Printer :,(

  17. I wish artifact was a card game with all Valves games, but that's a great job man !

  18. Polak potrafi.

  19. No no no no no

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