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🔥I know this is nothing new. Just wanted to show you my PCB and each game. See all the links you need below. Hope you learn something new.
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  1. Which video editing software do u use, i mean, how do u get all those nice animations, into your videos. I'm referring to when u label things or like in this video u showed circles to highlight certain parts of a circuit, at other times u show an arrow pointing to 5V, 3.3V, gnd, etc. What makes those cool animations possible?

  2. very nice! ive done similar but put it all inside a 3d printed arcade. been trying to figure out how to create a select screen and have more thn 1 game. Also check out Xwing vs deathstar by darko tht will work on yours fine & its quite fun👍

  3. Nice! If I had one, would design a 3d-printed enclosure to make it easier to hold. A 6-pin keyed IDT connector in ISP format may be more convenient to use for programming. If you like pressing into bare row of holes, then a pogo-pin programming connector would be the thing. Seems that someone named Andy Jackson wrote the games with interrupts tied to specific pins on the tiny85. Not trivial to port. Was thinking that an STMF103C (128k flash) costs the same, has USB 2.0, and could hold all the games at once.

  4. This is a good one!! But right now spot mini is on the lens…Do you have any idea of creating a smaller version using hobby servos and 3d printing ? And then hook it to your radio..I think this may increase your views as well..


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