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Abyss Horizon is a mix of 3D RPG Naval Belles, fleet developing, online manual operation, and strategic naval warfare game. ATTACK is the key part of the game. Players will act as commander and will lead Naval Belles to defend evasion from the abyss.

Game Features

Players will act as commander in Abyss Horizon. You will create your fleet includes battleship, cruiser, aircraft carrier, destroyer, air attacker, torpedo, guided missile destroyer, guided missile cruiser, and many other ships. Develop a powerful fleet and battle alongside your favorite girls. You can also develop equipment, advance

Air attack, main gun, torpedo, auxiliary, and many other weapons at your hands. Use exclusive skills in the battle. Try to have the initiative in hands, you will have more chance to win.

In Abyss Horizon, there are various modes you can switch. Fleet suffering war, top speed challenge, Devil Belles BOSS challenge, huge BOSS chasing, huge BOSS annihilation, exercise, and resting mode, etc.

Enjoy beautiful Naval Belles With AR! In holiday mode, you can take photos with Naval Belles in a stunning scenario. Built with a 3D model, there are multiple skins you can change freely.

【World Famous VA】
There are more than 30 voice actors, such as Amamiya Sora, Sumire Uesaka, Yui Ogura, Ozawa Ari, Sakura Ayane, Senbongi Sayak, etc!

Come and join Abyss Horizon (English) to have fun!



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  1. Hi. Is there a story or reason to fight other than go to a level, continue?

    I have realized that is why a stay with Seven Deadly. I do not like this level, star system thing. For me, I love having a story and a reason to play on.

    I realize you stream and games get so old quickly, but I do not have that amount of time. So I stay with one game for a long time.

    This game is not my thing. Heroes or not.

    Nice video though!!! Thumbs Up!!!

  2. How do things like this not get done for blatant copy right? Like fair enough the gameplay is very different but holy shit the boat characters are literally carbon copies of azur lane.. They are literally incidental. I always wondered but does japan not have copyright laws? This is far from the first super huge rip off ive seen from japan

  3. The game honestly appealed to me right until it showed that the skins had varying stats. I don't want to be shoehorned into equipping the best/optimal skin, let alone buying it.

  4. Finally this game have global version, after been playing it since its japanese open beta version, getting sued by sega and AH win the lawsuit, Having ships being redesign (and i still prefer original Venetto and less fleek eyelashes on Missouri because she look like sleepy in her current design) though i must say that the translation is too literal that it bit difficult to understand and "1th,2th 3th" horrible translation. Anyway,
    Just giving friendly reminder that auto fighting use their personal AI configuration inside the "tactic" tab when you arrange your fleet, each fleet can have their own tactic; You can set the trigger when to use maingun (cannon/ missile) /torpedo/aircraft in what range and how often, how many amounts of energy do they start to attack, evade or not, last hit or not (still don't understand the use of those 2)

  5. T-head or more accurately Crossing the T (Kancolle explains this), a strategy in which all of the warships guns can be brought to bear onto the enemy while the enemy can only use the frontmost one

    Blue Wars does overworld maps better, you roam around tactically trying to get your enemy with their skirts down. At the same time launching strategic bombing.

  6. While I really like the switch from Azure Lane's chibi 2D combat to 3D combat with more detailed animations (though I can't tell if the combat itself is deeper or just feels it due to the added dimension), something about the characters makes me feel like Abyss Horizon is Azure Lane's B-squad.

    They're not bad, but when I build a new character in Azure Lane I'm usually like "oooooh," while I don't quite get that feeling in Abyss Horizon. Probably doesn't help that I've been getting Missouri with annoying frequency, brain has gotten too used to her.

    Lotta dupes actually, considering I've only played a few days and haven't done much building.


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