600 in 1 (Mini PS4 Clone) Coolbaby RS-93 (Review)

600 in 1 (Mini PS4 Clone) Coolbaby RS-93 (Review)

Today i take a look at the Coolbaby RS-93. Another emulation console to contest for the home emulation throne. But how does it hold up?


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  1. I have this game console. Do you have problems saving progress in SNES?, My games freeze. GBA sound is choppy

  2. Have you tried an arcade stick on it to see if it works?..I've ordered one and if it works the thing will end in a mini homemade arcade cabinet for my kids..

  3. Hi! I looked at the side playlist where another youtuber teared up the machine and it happens that it is and adnropid device and can be installed lakka to it, (Has an Allwinner H3Q chipset). I installed it, it works but couldnt control the damns thing in the menu with the josticks. (I ordered the one with two cabled controllers.) Could you help me?

  4. HELP! I have 100+ games on the SNES side on an SD card. But the coolbaby won’t scroll past game 65. Any suggestions?

  5. for to exit from game i push on off?

  6. Does the rs93 coolbaby work with a monitor

  7. I avoid DataFrog products at all cost, I've been on the wrong end of the stick more than once, FUD. If your intention is to use a product for a couple months that's fine I guess, but more than that and you're just throwing money away. DataFrog is cheap and flimsy, their controllers' membranes, for example, will tear under 2 months of usage (mileage may vary). They just got popular over a logo and smart PR, other cheap chinese knockoffs are as good as them but they don't put their Photoshop skills to use as much as DataFrog. Even for accessories, you would be better off spending 5x as much on a western-made clone, you would have a decent warranty and have a working product for at least double the time. I know western/Chinese products are almost all made in China, but there is a difference in the process and China isn't just one factory.

  8. Can rs 93 be connected with a x arcade tankstick?

  9. Seems cool baby rs03 runs smoother than data frog and is 1080?
    Pls make a suggestion which is better?

  10. Which format must the ROMS in the SD card be?

    I downloaded some ROMS and they are zip files, it doesn’t seem to recognize them.

  11. Rs – 34 and rs- 93 are same or not??

  12. Is the xbox 360 controller

  13. Coolbaby has good hardware & the games work without any lag. The issue is the weird weird ROM hacks it has. lol

  14. Does it have super Mario bro 3??

  15. I would only buy it for the porn!

  16. Good review, any Dream cast emu out there ?

  17. Yeah buy another console, is not matter then you cheap laptop can emulate this games just well… 😉

  18. Can it work with standard x360 controllers?

  19. Why everyone giving soulja boy a heat but this gets a pass for doing the same exact thing?

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