5 Tips to make drawing on procreate easier.

Need some help drawing on procreate? Can figure out the features and how best to use them? No worries I have 5 tips for drawing on procreate that will really help out any procreate beginner.
Simple things like drawing lines on procreate or understanding procreate quick selection tool are easy to use..once you know how. Then there is stuff like how to apply textures and how to use complimentary colours to get the best results which will really up your drawing game. So sit back enjoy and watch me give you some tips and tricks for procreate.

from Advice, to Realistic Tutorials, Old School, to Neo Traditional and Japanese styles i have something for everyone who loves drawing. so be sure to check out this video and my other hundreds of videos to learn this beautiful art form.
Most drawing tutorials are done on an iPad Pro in procreate but can be done on paper with antything, pencils, pens, markers, paints etc. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey man, I’ve been debating getting an iPad Pro as see there’s a potential to create designs a lot quicker and easier but also working on colour theory of piece without committing to paper, canvas etc do you think they’re a worthy investment?

  2. Would you ever consider a tutorial on pencils for those using paper? I found especially when doing the neo trad faces when using coloured pencils I mess up the skin tones/ hair in the shading/ colouring stage

  3. Just a little bit of advice dont get mad at the guy who always erases and rocks the table. Because what you do not know is that you are also that guy sometimes

  4. I find it really difficult using Procrete for my style of tattooing – I’m a Blackwork artist from Portsmouth, UK. Do you have any tips for stippling etc? Keep these videos going! It’s a massive help!


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