5 tips to become a better artist! I’ve been a Artist, Youtube and Tattooist for a very long time and over the years I see a lot of people making the same mistakes over and over. Mistakes that with a little bit of advice on how to be a better artist could save years of frustration. Do you sit there sometimes looking at your work and think what am I doing wrong with art? How Do I get better at drawing, how to be artist, How do I get better at art? Trust me you are not alone, I think most artists have this self doubt at some point. With my tips to draw better and tips to be a better artist I’m hoping it will help you to realise these questions are healthy because only by asking them can we hope to learn to get past them.

Tips to be a better artist and tips to get better at drawing can sometimes lack the essentials of good practice. So I try to help cut out the bad habits and bad practice that I wish I had been able to do years earlier, things that I just needed pointing out and realise I was doing them, to know what am I doing wrong as a artist. How to improve my art and how to improve as a artist

For a full body dragon tutorial check out this tutorial by me

from Realistic, Old School, to Neo Traditional and Japanese styles i have something for everyone who loves drawing tattoo flash. so be sure to check out this video and my other hundreds of videos to learn this beautiful art form.
My Tutorials are mostly done on an iPad Pro in procreate but can be done on paper with antything, pencils, pens, markers, paints etc. Enjoy!

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  1. Most of my drawings are inspired but others but I draw a lot of traditional tattoo style and I feel like looking at flash sheets for inspo is what a lot people do

  2. Hey bro, I love ur videos, old ones and new ones, but I think u are going on the right way on the new ones. I also think u can improve ur channel by making more general videos, Videos like this one, the one of the different types of leaves in flowers and videos like flower tutorials that help us in a lot of different desings. Thanks 4 sharing ur knowledge 👊🏽

  3. It's super nice to see you uploading regularly. I subscibed to your channel around late september last year and I've used a fair bit of your tutorials as my own spin on an Inktober challenge. That was by far the most consistent I've been with drawing so far, but I still try to draw often (unfortunately less so with painting, yet it gives me more fun). But yeah the last tip is key for me. With a full-time work and a side-project afterwards, only drawing what I'll enjoy and absolutely need to get out of my system and on the page does the trick and it feels great when I actually sit down and do it. I still contribute a lot of that to your tutorials as I tend to refer back to them on occasion. Great work, keep it up. Hopefully some uploads will remain even after the world regains normalcy and you'll be able to get back to regular work. Best wishes.

  4. I find inspiration in photos, sculptures or even in my surrounding. I'm trying to avoid find that inspiration in other artist's drawing, cause I feel that its like im getting inspiration of the result of other artist inspiration.


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