The most precious part of your computer is the hard drive. It contains all your data, if anything happens to it, it’s all gone, and you could lose all your life’s work. So, it’s important that you know its health. Your hard drive starts developing bad sectors with time, which leads to permanent damage. In this video, you will know how to check your hard drive health.

There are 5 methods to check the health of your hard drive in Windows 10. 2 Tools are inbuilt and the other 3 are external tools. These tools let you check bad sectors in your hard drive also.

Method 1- using WMIC tool 0:42
Method 2- using CHKDSK tool 1:29
Method 3- using hard drive manufacturer software 2:47
Method 4- using CrystalDiskInfo 3:46
Download –
Method 5- using Hard Disk Sentinel 4:52
Download –

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  1. My old laptop developed a problem with randomly slowing down to a snail's pace. Just switching from one open window to another open window could take 30-60 seconds. Other times, it worked fine. CHKDSK found no problems. CrystalDiskInfo told me I had massive amounts of bad sectors. Time for a new hard drive while I still had the ability to run a backup.


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