2019 Samsung One UI Kids Home Mode Update Review On The Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 Plus

2019 Samsung One UI Kids Home Mode Update Review On The Samsung Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 Plus

Samsung Kids mode has been updated for one ui and is not integrated to the system and no longer needed as a separate app to your device.

hope you enjoy this video.

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  1. Wow )

  2. Sir please bolie how to delet this app..🙏🙏

  3. apple doesnt have this

  4. S10, push on the icon to enter into and it just jumps back to home screen. Press and hold it and it jumps back to home screen. Why?

  5. this locked my 1000$ phone thanks a lot 😡

  6. It didn't work in samsung a 30

  7. Fake

  8. Thank you! It helped me alot

  9. Great video however the moving water mark is very distracting

  10. Is this that cat guy?

  11. Thank you very much. After watching soo many videos on how to install kids mode this is the one that worked.

  12. How to get rid of this mood😈

  13. I forgot password what i do

  14. KidsHome

  15. So i dont have kids yet, but what i did on my phone is i only donloaded the my browser, and i deleted the stock sites and replaced them with porn sites XD

  16. So there's no way to remove the apps it starts with?

  17. The manual says to swipe to the right to get to the LEGO themed part. I can't find that. Dod anyone manage to find that part?

  18. It's not letting my panel come down and my little sister has a pin but she's only three and dont know numbers,how do you know what your pin code is

  19. Mine said update…now I cannot get out of this. I think it's a virus. Anyone else going through this?!

  20. sir..I have s9..but when i on kids home…notification panel is not working

  21. U are a beardo…🔥🔥🔥

  22. Kids home is a good app

  23. I can't find it on my Note 9 with OneUI

  24. Thank you sir!!

  25. Is it only available for the 10 plus?

  26. Great video TK

  27. I downloaded the app but I can opened so sad

  28. Great info!! However my kid is not touching my $1000 s10! 😘

  29. Thank you TK 😉😊😍😍👍👍👍

  30. In my s10+ I don have it

  31. What parents would buy S10 for their children? Only rich parents, but their childern wouldn't like this mode!

  32. I already tryed it on my galaxy s9+ with one UI, but didn't notice that by holding it you can configure the hell out of it. Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂

  33. Is this a damn joke? My kids will NEVER lay there little mischievous hands on my precious S10+.

  34. Kids mode? More like iOS mode

  35. Amigo pasa icon pack

  36. Nice & cool…great review…

  37. I am hiding or getting rid of this mode because I don't give my phone to kids.

  38. Nice & cool…great review…

  39. Nice

  40. I'm not seeing this in my control panel. S10 plus from Verizon.

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